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A receptor, a protein designed to receive and start signals, called 5-HT is found in the human body. Studies have shown that patients with migraine always have a low level of 5- HT in their bodies. This makes them vulnerable to migraines. The level of 5- HT in blood platelets reflects the levels of 5-HT in the brain. Activating 5-HT receptors that are possibly in the wall of vessels found in the layers surrounding the brain might reduce headache and migraine headache symptoms. Doing this doesn’t influence signals that are triggered earlier.

Scientists still need to determine the exact type of 5-HT receptors found in the tissue layers surrounding the brain- the dura. They are very similar to the subtype 5-HT1D but are not identical to it. When these receptors are activated blood vessels tighten. This tightening of the blood vessels stops neurons in the trigeminovascular system from being activated thus stopping the headache. The release of active molecules called neuropeptides might also be blocked. This doesn’t seem to be the main clinical concern though.

View the original migraine treatment study at this link: On serotonin and migraine: a clinical and pharmacological review.

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