Who We Are

MRI Migraine treatment units specialise in the safest and most effective breakthrough techniques and procedures in migraine, cluster, tension headache, trigeminal neuralgia, and all forms of primary headache. Our aim is to break the cycle of pain and reduce medication dependence.

What We Do

Free medical record analysis via our patient data portal saves time & costs of consultations. Patient information is received online, converted to PDF for our specialists, and then deleted from the internet ensuring complete safety for medical records. Specialists review each patient’s data before any consultations or commitments.

How We Do It

Consultants provide patients with 3D anatomical drawings, in-depth explanations and patient eduction, as well as medical library references. We ensure that patients understand why, and if, their unique data indicates a high probability of successful outcome for each technique, procedure, or breakthrough.

"Truth in all kinds is most difficult to win, and truth in medicine is the most difficult of all."

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