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This study presents the countless examples of evidence and proof that blood vessels/arteries do cause pain in migraine in many people. The study also details all the evidence and proof that the blood vessels/arteries that cause migraine pain in some people are definitely not inside the brain and for the most part not inside the skull. Rather, when migraine pain is being caused by arteries, it is the arteries of the scalp that become dilated and painful. This is good news for migraine sufferers whose arteries are contributing to their pain, as the arteries of the scalp are accessible and can be treated in many ways.

Unfortunately, migraine diagnosis and treatment took a wrong turn when measurements were taken with MRI scanners in the brain that correlated with the visual disturbances called aura, were ascribed to migraine pain. They aren’t correlated at all though so its a mistake that has had very far-reaching consequences for migraine patients, and migraine science.

View the original migraine artery study at this link: The Extracranial Vascular Theory of Migraine—A Great Story
Confirmed by the Facts

  • “There is, however, an abundance of compelling physiological, experimental, pharmacological, and clinical evidence to indicate that in many migraine sufferers their pain originates in the dilated extracranial terminal branches of the external carotid artery.”

The migraine information and science in this paper was compiled by Dr Elliot Shevel. The paper was written by Daniel Shevel.

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