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Inflammation of certain nerve fibres during a migraine headache attack is measured by the release of a substance known as PPE (plasma protein extravasation). The release of this substance is associated with increased blood flood through the arteries which large proportions of migraine sufferers can detect with their fingers.

The inflammation of nerves during a migraine attack, known as Neurogenic Inflammation occurs along the major nerve that supplies the head face and neck. Represented in the adjacent diagram, this nerve has three branches, which, literally translated into latin is the trigeminal (three branch) nerve.

The biggest pharmacological breakthrough in migraine has been the discovery of CGRP which is released by the tiny migraine nerve fibres that supply the arteries of the scalp. The discovery of CGRP is a great breakthrough in understanding but is holds little promise for sufferers as the action of CGRP in migraine sufferers on the migraine arteries just under the scalp, has been observed by patients and clinicians alike for centuries and there are many effective procedures and techniques for treatment.

The inflation of the trigeminal (3 branch nerve) can be addressed by various procedures which decompress these nerves. These procedures are not the correct treatment for all migraine sufferers, and rigorous patient selection is the key to success.

This diagram displays the interaction between the tiny nerve fibres that enter the walls of the migraine arteries. These nerve fibres become inflamed during a migraine attack, releasing CGRP, which causes the arteries to become painfully dilated.

View original migraine treatment study at this link: Neurogenic inflammation in migraine headache.



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