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Patients who go through the extraction of their third molar most often experience pain and swelling. This study was done to find out from patients which surgical technique for wisdom tooth removal causes the most pain and swelling. The two techniques investigated were; using a mucoperiosteal flap and making a smaller cut. A mucoperiosteal flap is a flap of skin and tissue created during oral surgery in order to expose important structures. This avoids complications during surgery. The other technique was to make a smaller cut in the gum.

The study involved 20 patients with wisdom teeth that did not fully erupt into the mouth because of blockage from other teeth. These wisdom teeth are called impacted wisdom teeth. In each patient, one of the wisdom teeth was removed using the mucoperiosteal flap and the other wisdom tooth was removed by making a smaller cut. Patients reported to feel less pain and swelling where a smaller cut was made than when the standard cut with the mucoperiosteal flap was done.

View the original dental connection to headache study at this link: A subjective assessment of pain and swelling following surgical removal of impacted third molar teeth using different surgical techniques. 


  • “The assessment of pain and swelling  was deliberately designed to take into account the patients’perceptions and not to include  independent assessment.”

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