Sinus headache treatment with surgery

Nineteen patients visiting a headache clinic for treatment were evaluated in this study. Patients were aged 18 – 63 years old, 15 of whom were women and the remaining 4 men. These 19 patients did not report any sinus symptoms with their headaches, but on examination, with an endoscope and CT scan, it had been found that they did indeed have sinus abnormalities.

Patients completed a 3 week period of antibiotics and topical nasal steroid spray to make sure that this would not help their headache pain. These 19 patients did not respond to these medications so they remained in the study and underwent sinus surgery with an endoscope to assist the surgeon to correct the sinus abnormalities.

Patients were asked to grade the level of pain felt during a headache on a scale of 0-10. Patients also had to report how often they experienced headaches.

15 of the patients had an improvement in their headaches post the sinus surgery, or in other words, 79 % of the patients experienced less pain and fewer headaches.

CT scan: computerized image of organs, bones and other tissue inside the body.

Endoscope: a tiny video camera that allows a surgeon to see inside the body

View the original migraine sinus surgery study at this link: Endoscopic sinonasal surgery in the management of primary headaches

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