MRI Specialist Chronic Cluster Headache Treatment Center

6 patients suffering from chronic cluster headache were treated by stimulating an area in their brain. The treatment worked perfectly on half of the patients, 2 had no pain and 1 had fewer attacks per month. Only 1 patient reported that the treatment was unsuccessful.  When the stimulator was switched off in one patient, the cluster headache pains returned after 3 months until the stimulator was switched on again. The implant was removed in one patient after the patient had a panic attack that affected the body’s functioning. another patient died 7 hours after surgery due to hemorrhage.  One month later, the stimulating device was not able to reduce pain caused by a headache triggering agent called nitroglycerin. The study concludes that stimulating inside the brain is effective in most patients with chronic cluster headache. Although, hemorrhage should not be overlooked, because it is a risk after the procedure.


View the original chronic cluster headache treatment at this link: Hypothalamic stimulation in chronic cluster
headache: a pilot study of efficacy and mode of action

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