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This study investigated a variety of medications that both treat the cluster headache attack while it is happening, and often cause the attacks to become frequent and more severe over time. This is the terrible spiral of worsening pain and medication dependence in which so many sufferers find themselves trapped. The term “Medication Overuse Headache” is a very unfortunate one which places the blame on the sufferer and not on the medications which are known to cause this degenerative and dangerous spiral.

Seventeen patients were evaluated on the basis that they had chronic daily headache, as well as cluster headache.  The test for MOH (medication overuse headache) is to stop a given medication for two months and see if the headache gets better. In thirteen of the seventeen patients, one or more medication was stopped for two months and the patients experienced an improvement in their headache pain. The imperative to find a solution outside of medication if at all possible for cluster, migraine, and headache sufferers, cannot be overstated.

View the original cluster headache study at this link: Medication-overuse headache in patients with cluster headache


Interesting references to medication overuse headache:

Subcutaneous sumatriptan in cluster headache: A time study of the effect on pain and autonomic symptoms.

Epidemiology of chronic daily headache

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