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Although this paper does not contain any base measurements it is a great review paper on the progression of reported measurements in the medical literature on the role of the migraine arteries.

This paper documents the experiments and their results from Abu Qassim al-Zahrawi in the 10th century, through Ambrose Pare in the 1500’s, to Harold Wolff in the 1950’s, to Carlo Cianchetti and present day migraine scientists.

The paper construes a great list of references for anyone seeking to understand the incontrovertible proof that exists, and has never been refuted, regarding migraine arteries and their contribution to the pain.

View full PDF at this link: A review of evidence and measurements on the migraine arteries


Interesting references on the relationship of migraine to arteries and pain:

Long-Term Observations of the Reactivity of the Cranial Arteries in Subjects with Vascular Headache of the Migraine Type

Scalp tenderness and sensitivity to pain in migraine and tension headache

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