Low magnesium levels in migraine sufferers. 

This study assessed 140 migraine patients who were tested to determine the magnesium levels in their blood. These levels were then compared to the magnesium levels in the blood of 140 people who do not suffer from migraine, this is referred to as a “control group”. Researchers ensured that none of the subjects the control group were taking magnesium supplements, or suffered from various conditions known to be associated with changes in the levels of magnesium like gastrointestinal or kidney disorders, or headache.

Of the 140 migraine patients, 22 were male and 118 female. In the control group that did not suffer from migraine 26 were male and 114 female. Both groups had an average age of mid-thirties.

The magnesium levels in the migraine group were significantly lower than in the group that did not suffer from migraine. There was no difference in magnesium levels between those who suffered from migraine with aura or migraine with our aura. The researchers also found that the lower the levels of magnesium the more frequent the migraine attacks.

View the original migraine and magnesium study at this link: Relation between serum magnesium level and migraine attacks

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