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This is an excellent example of researchers denying the involvement of the migraine arteries, not by supply proof that these arteries are not involved in migraine, nor by supplying any measurements. They simply deny involvement. Cash flows and pharmaceutical company affiliations of these “scientists” should carefully be checked.

This paper claims to set out the curriculum for medical students studying migraine. The authors fail to state that the decades of repeatable, and measurable involvement of the migraine arteries should be carefully studied.

They go one step further and say that the “theory” of the involvement of the migraine arteries is “not appropriate”. This is incorrect and has nothing to do with “appropriateness”.

The involvement of the migraine arteries in the pain of migraine is not a theory, it is the subject of decades, and even centuries of repeatable measurements confirmed by all honest researchers, and huge proportions of patients alike who can often feel these arteries swollen and throbbing under the skin.

Educating patients on the location of these arteries is a critical step in confirming an accurate diagnosis for treating migraine specialists.

View the original migraine study at this link: Square One: Headache Education for the Medical Student


Interesting references for teaching medical students about headache treatments:

American Academic Headache Specialists in Neurology: Practice Characteristics and Culture 

Academic Headache Medicine in America: Report of Academic Membership Survey of the American Headache Society Special Interest Section on Academic Affairs

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