Chronic Migraine Specialist Treatment Centers

For this study an MRI Migraine treatment facility couriered seventeen sections of migraine arteries to a the University of Cagliari in Italy for examination.

These sections were taken from patients who were undergoing arterial surgery for their migraines and who had been diagnosed with chronic migraine (CM). As a control group researchers also analysed six sections of the same arteries that had been taken from non migraine sufferers who were having surgery for other reasons.  The arteries from the two groups were compared and underwent scientific testing to see if any differences could be found.

The artery segments were stimulated with proteins. The immune reaction of the arteries was examined and analyzed using a specialized computerized image analysis.

The greatest finding of the study was that the artery walls in chronic migraine sufferers were found to have a significantly denser supply of nerves that those that do not suffer with migraine. Also that this dense supply of nerves extends into the artery wall down to the layer of smooth muscle cells inside the artery wall known as the “tunica media”.

The involvement of the muscles in the pathogenesis of migraine extends beyond the major muscle groups of the head face and neck, down into the micro-muscles that line the inside of the migraine arteries.

View the original chronic migraine study at this link: TRPV1, CGRP and SP in scalp arteries of patients suffering from chronic

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