Two methods for migraine nerve decompression surgery

Dr Bahman Guyuron, migraine surgery pioneer, compares two techniques for removing the “corrugator supercilii” muscle located in the forehead. This procedure is performed with the purpose of receiving pressure on the supra orbital and supratrochlear nerves. These nerves are often responsible for migraine pain in the frontal region.

The study was conducted on 253 migraine surgery patients. The follow ranged from 12 months to 126 months after the surgery, with an average follow up of 34 months. The pain levels and intensity were compared to the pain and intensity that the patient reported prior to surgery.

In the first technique the corrugator supercilii muscle was removed through an incision in the eyebrow. In the second technique, the muscle was removed through endoscopic surgery conducted through a keyhole incision, into which a light and camera are inserted to facilitate the procedure.

Forty nine out of 62 patients that had the muscle removed through the eyebrow incision, 79%, experienced 50% of more decrease in frequency, intensity, and duration of frontal migraine pain. In the keyhole surgery group 170 out of 191 patients, 89%, achieved the same positive result.

According to the study, published in “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” the journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 32 patients who had the incision through the eyebrow, 52%, and and 128 patients, 67%, who had the keyhole endoscopic surgery, experienced complete elimination of their migraine pain.

Unfortunately, and unacceptably, the author did not document or report on any side effects, risk factors, or complications from the surgery. The journal should not have accepted the publication without this.

The author also stated that there was no conflict of financial interest. This is not true as the author runs a private surgery practice that conducts these surgical procedures for profit. The journal should not have repeated this misleading declaration.

View the original migraine headache study at this link: Outcome Comparison of Endoscopic and Transpalpebral Decompression for Treatment of Frontal Migraine Headaches

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