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In this study, fifty patients suffering from migraine attacks were examined during an attack. The researchers compressed the arteries that run just under the scalp by putting pressure on these arteries with their fingers. They also bound a tight band around the sufferers head which would also cut off the blood supply through these arteries.

The researchers found that the pain in twenty-nine out of the fifty migraine patients was originating in the arteries. These results have been replicated countless times in countless studies.

Migraine sufferers are often able to self diagnose the involvement of these arteries in their pain after seeing a diagram of where they run and finding them with their fingers.

There are a multitude of treatment lasting interventions and breakthrough treatment options for migraine patients fortunate enough to discover these arteries as part of their unique pain process, or “Migraine Map”.

Unfortunately, the authors of this study tried to hide these results in both the abstract and the paper itself.

View the original migraine diagnosis study at this link: The site of pain origin during migraine attacks.


Interesting references on the migraine artery study:

Acetylcholine in the Mechanism of Headaches of Migraine Type

Pathogenesis of vascular headache of the migrainous type. The role of impaired central inhibition.

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