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Many migraine surgeons tie off or close the migraine arteries as an addition to relieving pressure on the migraine nerves. This is the only study on surgery to the migraine arteries alone with no other procedures involved. While results sound positive, this study should be treated with a fair amount of caution.

According to the researcher fifty three patients who underwent this procedure on the migraine arteries experience significant improvement in their long term quality of life. Unfortunately this study could not be included in wider analysis of the effectivity of migraine surgery as the results were not verifiable and the possibility exists that they were padded for effect.

View the original chronic migraine treatment study at this link: Vascular surgery for chronic migraine .


Interesting references on migraine artery studies:

Facial Temperature in Migraine, Tension-Vascular and Tension Headache

Morphological studies of extracranial arteries in patients with migraine 


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