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Conducted by a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, This study looks at three aspects of migraine pain.

1) Inflammation

2) Widening or dilating of blood vessels in the scalp

3) Increased sensitivity and pain in the central nervous system of migraine sufferers.

All of these three have been shown to be involved in the development of a migraine headache attack.

Migraine aura is when a patient sees disturbances in their vision before experiencing the headache. These visual disturbances correlate with MRI scan measurements that show the neurons in the brain are excited for a short period causing an electrical wave to pass through the brain at the same time as the visual disturbances.

This study discusses the development of a migraine attack through these stages, and how they coincide with the development of migraines with disturbances.

View the original migraine study at this link: Pathogenesis of the Migraine Attack

  • “The activation of the cingulate cortex, part of the limbic system, is directly related to the pain of the migraine headache and the emotional response to it.”

The author is Associate Professor of Neurology E.H. Spierings, from Harvard Medical School. Prof Springs has subsequently moved to Tufts University.

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