MRI Specialist Cluster Headache Treatment Centers

The study enrolled 10 patients with severe medication resistant chronic cluster headache to receive a gamma knife radiation treatment. After about 13 months of follow-up, 2 patients had no change in their cluster headache attacks, while the cluster headaches completely stopped in 3 patients. There were three patients that responded positively to the treatment, their cluster headache attacks decreased from a few attacks per month to less than a few over the last six months. The last two patients initially had no pain for about two weeks but their headaches came back causing the same amount of pain as before. There were a few side effects that occurred in three patients. The study concluded that using gamma knife radiation is not an effective treatment strategy for patients suffering from cluster headache.

View the original cluster headache treatment study at this link: Gamma knife treatment for refractory cluster headache: prospective open trial

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