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This is a single case review in which a patient had lump called a “lipoma” in their neck region at the base of the skull close to one of the nerves that have been implicated in migraine. A lipoma is a lump of fat that forms and in this patient it was expected to have formed as a result of head trauma. A lipoma is not a tumor, its a lump of fatty tissue that forms under the skin.

The patient was also suffering from migraines.

When the surgeons removed the lipoma they relieved pressure on this nerve called the “occipital nerve”. After the procedure, the patient reported that their migraines disappeared and they did not have to take any migraine medication.

The researchers presented this case report in support of a medical procedure called “nerve decompression” which can be used to treat migraine. Studies on patients that have gone through nerve decompression surgery that intended to reduce the pressure on the nerves: have shown a large reduction in migraine symptoms and even complete cure in some cases.

By removing the lump through surgery and reducing the pressure of the nerves in the neck, migraine symptoms stopped completely and the patient has not needed to take any migraine medications 6 weeks thereafter.

This a single case study which would tend to support the idea that there is a relationship between compressed nerves in the neck and migraine headaches.


View the original migraine headache paper at this link: Causal Relation between Nerve Compression and Migraine Symptoms and the Therapeutic Role of Surgical Decompression


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