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Treating Migraine according to specific guidelines reviewed by the Cochrane Collaboration.

The Cochrane Collaboration is a non-profit medical science organization that has helped solve some of the most difficult medical problems that doctors have faced in the last two decades. They do this by adding up all the results of all medical studies ever conducted on a particular subject. MRI considers The Cochrane Collaboration to be among the most ethical medical bodies ever.

In this paper, MRI medical scientists explain how a Cochrane data review of anti-depressants and migraine has unfortunately reached conclusions that can not be substantiated mathematically. This is, however, no fault of The Cochrane Collaboration as they simply summarised all existing data on this subject.

The mathematical problem lies in the how the patients were initially selected for the studies that Cochrane added up and averaged out. The samples for these studies were chosen according to a system known as ICHD or International Classification of Headache Disorders. This classification is purely based on migraine symptoms and has nothing to do with the human body, the brain, the muscles, nerves, or arteries nor any of the many causes of migraine pain.

The well-deserved status of The Cochrane Collaboration means that these data errors could have serious treatment consequences for countless migraine patients seeking diagnosis and treatment around the world.

The International Classification of Headache Disorders must be abandoned if migraine patients are ever going to be taken seriously

View the following PDF at this link: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors and Migraine: Should Cochrane Close the Door?

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