Migraine without aura – Magnesium treatment. 

This study assessed 40 patients suffering from migraine without aura between the ages of 20 – 55 years, and suffering from between 2 and 5 migraine attacks per month. Thirty patients were given magnesium supplements, and ten patients were given inactive placebos.

The patients were then assessed for the intensity and frequency of their migraines and underwent a visual evoked potential test. The visual evoked potential test measures the functioning on the optical nerves and the vision and is, therefore, representative of the functioning of the nervous system in that area of the body.

The magnesium group displayed far better results than the placebo group. They had fewer migraine attacks and their pain was less intense.

The researchers also measured blood flow inside the brain and reported that the migraine patients who took the magnesium supplements showed significantly improved blood flow inside the brain, compared to the group who took inactive placebo’s.

View the original migraine and magnesium study at this link: The effects of magnesium prophylaxis in migraine without aura

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